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Home Watching vs House Sitting

Home watching and house sitting are two distinct services that cater to different needs of homeowners. Home watching involves regular check-ins and inspections of a property while the owners are away, focusing on maintenance, security, and ensuring everything runs smoothly in their absence. Professional home watchers conduct thorough assessments of the property's exterior and interior, checking for signs of damage, security breaches, and other issues that may arise. They provide peace of mind to homeowners by offering a proactive approach to property management, ensuring it remains in optimal condition during their absence.

On the other hand, house sitting entails someone temporarily residing in the homeowner's property while they are away, often providing additional services such as pet care, plant watering, and the daily tasks that homes require. House sitters offer a physical presence in the home, deterring potential intruders and providing companionship to pets.

Desert Key Concierge LLC is a professional home watching service as well as a concierge. We offer services beyond home watching, such as watering of plants, cleaning, stocking the refrigerator for your return, mailing or picking up packages and anything else that will make your life easier. We do not need to be residing in your home to offer these services above and beyond our watching of your home. Just let us know what you need and we will help you find the most elegant solution.



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