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Squatters Have Rights in Tucson?

Squatters have rights to your property in Arizona. Generally, to be considered a squatting situation, they have to have been using your vacant property publicly for two years.

But don't assume that if you are gone for a summer or even just a few weeks you won't have any issues with trespassers. If you return home to unwanted visitors, sure you can call 911 and explain the situation. But you still have a problem on your hands that could be larger than just tossing them out.

These people could have robbed your home over time or destroyed the interior. There are also situations with more sophisticated trespassers who make it look as if you invited them to live there. These higher level trespassers will anticipate the owner's return at some point and may go as far as hanging photos of themselves on walls and sprinkling personal items throughout the house. If they’re really good they may also reroute their mail to your address to show the police as proof they live there. They will not get involved in an eviction of someone who has mail with your address on it and look as if they belong there.

There are steps you can take to make sure your home is secure in your absence and you are safe when you return.

  • Notify trusted neighbors that you will not be in town.

  • Let neighbors know that your home watcher will be checking on your property. Share their contact information with your neighbors.

  • Hire your home watcher to check on your house weekly or every two weeks. Letting too much time go in between gives squatters and trespassers time to set up camp.

  • Your home must not look vacant with piles of newspapers, mail or door hanging ads.

  • Before you leave put up "No Trespassing" signs.

  • Install an alarm system.

  • Install security cameras.



Apr 26

Squatters should not have any rights. They are criminal trespassers! It’s ridiculous! Good advice for when you are left to protect your own property!


Apr 26

Outstanding and important advice! Perfect summary.

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