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Our cleaning services go beyond the Basics and provide you with a Comprehensive Cleaning that will Reenergize your Home and Enhance Your Life.

Cleaning Service: $35/hr. with a minimum of 3 hrs.

Welcome to Desert Key Concierge Professional Home Management

Desert Key Concierge Home Management Services are an all-inclusive home service company established to provide a comprehensive and convenient all-in-one solution to the time consuming task of home management while you are away.

Our objective is to assist people with a busy lifestyle so they have peace of mind that their investment is protected and maintained during their absence. We attend to your specific requests in addition to using our comprehensive checklists. We monitor and manage the condition of your home and communicate with you the results of our inspections.

It’s not surprising that many homeowners find it difficult to maintain and manage their home considering the ever growing professional and personal commitments; while factoring in the need to travel from time to time. The solution is simple. Let us help you. Our professional home management service is on call at your convenience to maintain your investments even when you’re not around.

With our home services, you’ll have a qualified expert watch over your home, do your grocery shopping, pick up your family at the airport, clean up the house, and even help you do your bookkeeping and other important matters. We deliver professional home management service to our clients regardless of how long you will be away or how many homes you have.

Our property management service ensures that all necessary documents pertaining to your property are paid on time and that all repairs and maintenance are done in a timely manner so everything will be in good working condition upon your arrival. You’ll have more time to enjoy your home, because we provide you with home management specialists who will take care of all the details.

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